Wood Species

Black Cherry 'Prunus Serotina'
Native to east central North America, Black cherry is a favorite of fine woodworkers. Fine textured and strong, cherry's warmth, personality and charm sets it apart. Cherry darkens to it's characteristic reddish-brown as it ages. Heartwood often has mineral deposits, shown as dark areas and fine lines, adding to the character of this unique wood.                                
Black Walnut 'Juglans Nigra'
Native to mid-west and east central North America black walnut is highly-prized for it's rich dark-colored heartwood. It is both heavy and strong with beautiful grain.
White Oak 'Querus Alba'
A long-lived oak, native to eastern and central North America. Specimens have been documented to be over 450 years old. The wood is light brown to paler sapwood. Strong, heavy fine-grained and durable.
Maple genus 'Acer'
There are many species of maple, including Sugar maple, Broadleaf, White and Western Red with a long history of use in fine furniture making. Some maple has a highly decorative wood grain or 'figure' and is know as Curly, Tiger, Quilted and Birdseye maple.