Furniture Care

For routine cleaning use a dry soft dust-cloth.
Occasionally use a citrus based product such as Howard’s Feed & Wax or similar to clean and nourish the wood and help it maintain it’s beautiful patina.  Apply as needed if your furniture begins to look dry.
Hand welded raw steel legs provide an industrial look to complement your natural live-edge wood furniture.
Raw steel occasionally may show areas of light rust depending on your home environment and humidity level. If this occurs rubbing the legs with ‘0000’ Fine steel wool followed by an occasional application of fine wax - Minwax fine paste finishing wax or similar product - will keep your of piece looking its best.
For painted or powder coated steel legs dusting with a dry duster &/or a mild furniture cleaner is best.
General Common Sense Furniture Care
Do not over-wet your furniture, regardless of finish.
 Wipe up spills promptly.
Avoid the use of harsh chemical-based cleaners.
Using coasters or pads will help protect against damage caused by heat.
Some rubber and silicone products left on for prolonged periods may affect finishes.
Placement of candles or solvent based products directly on wood should be avoided. 
Avoid leaving objects in one place on any top for extended periods of time, especially when new, as this will prevent the natural oxidation of the covered area.